Heather Bailey hand Embroidery patterns Fresh Flowers quilt labels and frames hot iron on transfers
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Heather Bailey Hand Embroidery Patterns Fresh Flowers quilt labels & frames

Iron-on transfer patterns for hand embroidery, contains 6 different frame or label patterns as well as some smaller individual flower motifs.  Patterns include a large flower shape with open center, scroll with flowers, butterfly outline, flowers with a stem that defines the label shape, a rectangle with a butterfly silhouette at center top, and a medallion shape of scrolling leaves and flowers.  Add a personal touch to your handmade projects, include your name, the occasion and the date of the project's completion - any information you wish to commemorate.  Or stitch up a frame for a monogram, name or favorite expression.

Pattern includes:  11" x 17" pattern sheet printed with heat-transferable ink.  Each design can be heat transferred multiple times.  Instructions for a variety of transfer methods including tracing options.  Illustrated guide to basic hand embroidery stitches.   

Made in the U.S.A. 

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  • Manufacturer: Heather Bailey

Heather Bailey Hand Embroidery Iron Transfers, Fresh Flowers

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