DMC Water Soluble Canvas 14 count counted cross stitch
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DMC Water Soluble Canvas 14 count 8" x 8.5" - Needlework, Cross Stitch 

DMC Soluble Canvas is perfect for customizing home decor items such as cushions and pillows, as well as almost any clothing garment. Choose your design, tack the canvas to your chosen material and cross stitch as usual…simply place the finished design in a bowl of warm water and the canvas disappears leaving you with a customized unique piece of clothing or home decor item! 

14 count 8"x 8.5" (20 x 22 cm) - Design included


  • Item #: 11-114
  • Manufacturer: DMC

DMC Water Soluble Canvas 14 count 8 x 8 1/2 - Cross Stitch

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