Crabapple Hill Vintage Traditions Christmas embroidery pattern
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Crabapple Hill Studio Vintage Traditions Stockings Embroidered Christmas Stockings Pattern

Choose from different sizes and styles, each has hand embroidered accents, from simply stitched toes and heels, to snowflakes, and even one with a list of Christmas inspired words.  Finished small stocking's foot is about 9" from ankle to toe & sock is 5 1'4" wide.  Finished large stocking's foot is about 10" from ankle to toe & sock is 7" wide.  stocking length is going to be determined by you!  Includes instructions, diagrams, patterns for stockings and full-size embroidery patterns (not an iron-on transfer).  

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  • Manufacturer: Crabapple Hill Studio

Crabapple Hill Vintage Traditions Stockings Embroidery Pattern

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