Crabapple Hill Studio Peppermint Stick Tea Towels - hand embroidery patterns
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Crabapple Hill Studio Peppermint Stick Tea Towels #432 Hand Embroidery Patterns

Enliven your kitchen this Christmas season with tea towels that you have embroidered yourself. Choose from 4 holiday themed patterns, a candy striped "North Pole" buried in the snow, a large snowflake, a decorated Christmas tree, and a striped wreath with holly and the number 25 inside.  Each image is about 4" to 5" across.  Please note that these embroidery designs are NOT iron-on and must be transferred on to your cloth by hand.  Includes instructions for embroidery and applying decorative fabric edging, diagrams, and designs.   

  • Item #: 13-112
  • Manufacturer: Crabapple Hill Studio

Crabapple Hill Peppermint Stick Tea Towels Embroidery Patterns

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