Blueberry Backroads - Grandmas Back Yard - hand embroidery pattern
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Blueberry Backroads - Grandma's Back Yard 033 - hand embroidery patterns

Think back to the warm days of Summer and the breeze that gently blows through the clothes hanging on the line that stretches between the birdhouses.  Nostalgia for times-gone-by seems to be a popular theme these days and that is certainly exemplified by this image and these projects, a pillow and a wall hanging, that combine some simple quilting skills with hand embroidery.  11" x 12.5"  Includes instructions, full-size embroidery pattern (not an iron-on transfer).  

  • Item #: 26-102
  • Manufacturer: Blueberry Backroads

Blueberry Backroads - Grandma's Back Yard - Embroidery Pattern

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