Aunt Marthas three pack Navy stripe cotton kitchen dish towels
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Aunt Martha's Retro Stripe Towels - Navy Stripe - Package of three

Aunt Martha's® Towels are handy, sturdy, 100% cotton, hemmed towels that can be used as is or transformed into personalized towels everyone will love.  Iron on transfers that can be painted, embroidered or cross-stitched.   Add monograms, or create designs or pictures that will accent any theme or home decor.  Each, Stitch'em Up towel has a double, Navy stripe approximately 1.5" in from the border, is 18"x 28" and has a loop on one corner so you can easily hang them up.  Wash in cold water and dry on low heat.  Package includes three towels.

  • Item #: 14-111
  • Manufacturer: Aunt Martha's

Aunt Martha's Navy Stripe Cotton Kitchen Dish Towels

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